Enjoy a walk back in time when you visit The Pakenham General Store. Nestled in the heart of Mississppi Mills, originally built in 1840.  It is the only general store in Canada to have the historical significance of having been continually open, in the same location, for over 170 years.  The store still maintains its charm with wood floors, original wooden counters and antiques used by the original owners. You will also see many grocery items that date back a generation or two; a wonderful way to see many of the brand names we still use today. Bring the family for a drive in the country! Drop in for an old-fashioned ice cream cone or sample our freshly-baked bread and baking. Our ovens are always running. Look up to see our historic electric train as it circles our sprawling store. Finally, you can find the perfect item you've been looking for yourself, your family and friends. Shop through our Gift Boutique, Art Gallery and Antique Shop featuring century-old Victorian Colonial Furniture and the artwork of Kevin Dodds. -- The war of 1812 is steeped in Canadiana with many British soldiers having their name sake given to a village or town.  In Pakenham, the community was named for Gen. Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, who died at the Battle of New Orleans.  His brief visit to the area left a memorable impression.  To this day, there is a statue in his memory at the South Transept of St Paul's Cathedral in London. His body was returned in a cask of rum and buried in the Pakenham family vault in Killucan in Westmeath, Ireland. General Pakenham was also known for a surly temper when annoyed and a relative was recorded as remarking "The General has returned home in better spirits than he left." Further south from Pakenham is nearby Almonte, where history records that General Juan Almonte having successfullly defended against Mexican skirmishes to the U.S., the local government of the day decided to honour Mexico and the General by renaming the town from Shipman's Mills to Almonte. This makes Almonte the only town in Ontario named after a Mexican general. The name change appears to have happened in 1856, though the post office didn't record the new name until 1859. Pakenham boasts 2 of the 7 wonders of Lanark County - the 5-Span Bridge, and St. Peter Celestine Catholic Church.   © Pakenham General Store, Pakenham, ON.  Site Design & Web Hosting by Mark Cassanto & Associates. Made with Xara